Friday, 28 August 2009

The funny side of climate change v2

I published this commentary about Greens and their inability to grasp the basic facts of life earlier in the week. But here it is again on my new blog home, but with the additional note that Greenpeace admitted yesterday that they do have a tendency to exaggerate their press releases, so as to get attention. Quelle surprise!

The supercomputer used by the UK Met Office to “predict” climate change allegedly consumes enough energy to power a town. Leaving aside the fact that the Met Office cannot even predict what day it will be tomorrow, how does it think that spending £30m on a computer will help to predict possible, potential weather that will affect us (maybe) in 25 years.

What is even more hilarious is that F(r)iends of the Earth have commented on the colossal use of power, stating that it is “ironic that a computer designed to stave off climate change is responsible for such high levels of pollution”. Oh dear. Computers do not stave off anything, let alone mythical meteorological patterns. Computers can tell humans as much useful information as they are programmed to. But computers do not change the weather. And given the Met Office’s track record this year, they can’t forecast it either.

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